The original Natursutten® pacifier is designed and developed in Denmark. Our bestseller has been a comfort for countless babies (and parents) around the world. The iconic pacifier is made in Europe from liquid natural rubber milk harvested on plantations with sustainable production. It takes 6-8 weeks to produce the pacifiers at Natursutten®. It is a one-piece construction - free of cracks.  This makes it very hygienic, as there is no room for grime to settle. Conventional pacifiers can collect dirt where the nipple is attached to the shield.

The round shield is soft and flexible and covers the mouth area with a soft and flexible feeling substituting the feeling of the mother’s breast touching the nose, thus soothing the baby. The holes for ventilation prevents any irritation and underpreassure of the shield.


Original is available with two different nipples (rounded or orthodontic) and in three sizes:

S: 0 - 6 mdr. M: 6 - 12 mdr. og L: fra 12 mdr.

Natursutten® is produced from natural rubber milk and complies with all European Standard EN 1400. Instructions for use is in the packing.

Every pack contains one original Natursutten® pacifier. Packaging is environmentally friendly using FSC certified paper from sustainable forestry, free of harmful chemicals. https://ic.fsc.org/en/what-is-fsc-certification