The original round shield, resting gently on babys nose providing the same comfort experienced from breastfeeding.
The butterfly shield is designed to leave room for the babys nose.
Teether Toy
Naturally gentle and soft against sore gums. Small patterns on the surface will massage and ease. Same natural material as Natursutten® pacifiers.
Natursutten Baby Bottle
Baby Bottles
Baby Bottles in glass and nipples in pure natural rubber as used for our Natursutten® pacifiers.

Natursutten - pacifiers, teethers and Baby Bottles free from harmfull chemicals

At Natursutten.dk you allways find the different styles and sizes from all avaliable Natursutten® products.

Natursutten.dk is owned and managed by a mother of three children. We offer products alligned with our philosophy of making a diference in working towards a future free from harmfull chemicals for our children and the environment. At Natursutten® we wish to make a difference

"The News are full of stories of harmfull plastic waste and toxins in babygear. I got the idea af Natursutten when I was expecting my third child - out of the need for a pacifier without any harmfull cehmicals. In offering Natursutten we wish to contribute to a better future for our children and the environment."

Anne-Dorthe Schrøder,
CEO and Owner at Natursutten®

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