The idea of Natursutten® came from my own needs.

As a mother of three I value health, echology and sustainability. It is important to med to keem my children free from harmfull chemicals.
This is why I used time during my latest pregnancy to investigate the options for natural and healthy baby products. But there was no pacifier, I could present to my newborn son. So within weeks I got the idea of Natursutten® with our own production in controlled and safe sourroundings. .

Too many babyproducts are manufactured too far away to have the true insight in production and guarantee from harmful ingredient. This is why we produce Natursutten® in Italy in collaboration with the most professional experts in the field. Ans we monitor production very closely. We do not compormize and make sure all our products meet Europpean Standards. All is tested in Europe and Natursutten® is scrutinized yearly by Consumerlab in Denmark.

One thing led to another and as it turned out the need for a safe and ecofriendly alternative to the conventional pacifier was a global need. The fokus on our environment keeps growing and so does our business. Over the past 11 years Natursutten® has become the prefered choice in countries like USA, Canada, Chile and many more.

I hope you and your children willl be as satisfied as we are.

Best regards
Anne-Dorthe Schrøder Grum